Meet Our PMU Artist

Meet Angie! She is our licensed Aesthetician & Permanent Make Up Artist who specializes in Ombre Eyebrows. Our clients don’t trust anyone with their brows except for her. If you want the perfect set of brows- she is your go to girl. From symmetrical brow mapping to your new set of brows! Reach out with any questions!

Phone # 267-980-7617

Permanent Eyebrow Services

Ombre Eyebrows (also known as powder brows) are semi-permanent brows that are made using a nano needle that slightly penetrates pigment into the epidermis of the skin to create a powdered makeup look on your eyebrow. Everyone is a good candidate for this service!

1st Session: $425

2nd Session (4-6 week touch up): $150 Recommended*

Future Touch Ups (12-18 Months): $300

Anything 19+ months will count as a new full priced session

Ombre Brow

Combo Brows are semi permanent brows with the same technique as Ombre Brows, but some strokes are used to create a hair effect. This is recommended for someone who doesn’t have much brow hair in the bulb of the brow. But also good for anyone who likes the look.

1st Session: $475

2nd Session (4-6 Week Touchup): $175 Recommended*

Future Touch Ups (12-18 Months): $350

19+ Months is considered a full priced session

Combo Brow