Permanent Eyebrows for who and why?

Do you fill in your brows everyday? Do you notice your brows thinning? Do you wish you had a completely different brow shape? Have you lost brows due to a medical condition? Then permanent brows are for you. Our modern techniques will leave you with a beautiful natural look for your everyday routine. We specialize in the perfect brow technique and shape for each individual client, at any age!

What different techniques?

Powder Eyebrow: Using pigment dots to create the perfect brow with a nice classic front.

Ombré Brow: Using the same powder technique- pigment dots, but we slightly lighten the eyebrow towards the front to create that modern “ombre” style we all love!

Combo Brow: This technique is great for someone who has brow hair but is missing some patches. We will use a powder technique but also create some machine microblading strokes to add some “hair” and texture.

Machine Microblading: This microblading technique is done with machine only to create just hair strokes with no shading. We use this technique specifically as it is not traumatizing to the skin like traditional “blading” microblading (which is still offered by many salons! Isn’t that crazy?!)

Eyebrow Shading: You may have heard of micro shading before, this is a technique where we implant some pigment shading behind the current eyebrow shape to help add color to very sparse brows that either don’t need any shape adjusting or a beginner who isn’t ready to go all the “permanent makeup” way!

Why us?

At Laser Perfection we strive to offer the best of the best for our clients! We will be here every step of the way from our free consultation, to our perfecting session, to our annual touch ups and open communication with clients! We will be here every step of your permanent makeup journey, which is well-permanent! (Mostly!)

What does it cost?

1st Session: $250-$425

2nd Session (6 week perfecting session): $199

Annual Maintenance (up to 24 months): $250

Powder Brow
Ombré Brow
Machine Shading
Combo Brow

How can I book?

There’s a number of convenient ways to book with us. The easiest way is through our booking link provided below, but if you have more questions or need some more guidance please reach out to us directly.

📞 1 888 449 6939

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