Here at Laser Perfection we Offer Clients a Wide Range of Tattoo Removal from Black Tattoo Removal, Colored Tattoo Removal, Professional Tattoo Removal, Amateur Tattoo Removal, and Cosmetic Tattoo Removal. We’re Conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia; with Free onsite Parking. We use Cynosure® Lasers One of the Top Leading Brand in Laser Technology! Our Multi-Wavelength system is Superior in Efficacy, Comfort, and Power.


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No matter what your reasoning to have your tattoo removed:

  • You just don’t want it anymore
  • Your spouse or partner doesn’t like it;
  • You want a different tattoo;
  • Your now a parent;
  • You want to change careers;
  • You’re joining the military;
  • What you thought was cool then you no longer do;
  • You’ve ended a relationship;
  • The tattoo has faded;
  • Or it’s just a bad tattoo.

Your tattoos no longer have to be permanent.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser penetrates through the skin targeting the ink causing it to shatter into tiny microscopic particles. The lymph system via the white blood cells attack the particles eliminating them from the body through the lymph drainage system.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions needed are unique to the individual and the specifics of the tattoo. Session are spaced 6-12 weeks apart. Most laser tattoo removal takes 3-10 treatments.

•Immune system-The healthier your immune system is the more effective your lymph system will be at removing the ink particles.
Skin Type-dark skin types will require more treatments. Due to the higher melanin levels in the skin the laser setting must be lower, equaling slower results. The lesser melanin in the skin the laser may be set higher, equaling fast results.
Age of tattoo Older tattoos can be removed with fewer treatments than newer tattoos.
•Color of ink – Certain colors are easier to remove than others. 
•Density of ink – The darker outlines of a tattoo take more sessions to remove then shaded portion of a tattoo.
•Type of ink – Inks used for tattoos are not regulated so there are many inks effecting the skin in different ways.
•The depth of ink – Professional tattoos are deeper in the skin than amateur tattoos and will require more treatments for removal. Cover up work will require more treatments due to the multiple layers of ink.

laser perfection,tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Laser tattoo removal treatments are most commonly compared to having a rubber band snapped against the skin. Numbing cream is available upon request.

What to expect after treatment?

After your tattoo removal treatment patients may experience redness, swelling, blistering, and scabbing. All of these reactions are normal and temporary they will eventually go away as your skin heals.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Similar to the number of treatments needed, costs for tattoo removal vary. The average laser tattoo removal cost ranges from $150 to $500 per treatment session. The prices vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo. Tattoo removal is considered a cosmetic procedure, so it is rarely covered by medical insurance. At Laser Perfection we accept all major credit cards. Financing is available upon approval!

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